the best tapas in nyc with my best friend

When your Best Friend (yes, I made this a proper noun) comes to visit you know you have to pull out all the stops and that includes going down memory at the best tapas restaurant in the city.

64 W. 10th Street (Between 5th and 6th Ave.)

Hidden along 10th street amongst shrubs, trees, and plants,  Alta definitely deserves all its fame and glory. There is always a crowd outside on the sidewalk and plenty of folks waiting at the bar for a table in their intimate two-floor restaurant. Beautiful candles light up the place. It is perfect for a date, and it was even more perfect to reminisce with my Best Friend about our first international trip together, Spain. I’ve mentioned this before but tapas restaurants are kind of my thing for a few reasons: I can order multiple dishes and not feel like pig, there is always sangria on the menu, and last but not least, you get to share with your fellow diners. Remember people, sharing is caring.

There are 3 staples on the menu that you must order….no matter what.

Fried Goat Cheese – 4 fried goat cheese balls are served on a stick on top of a lavender infused honey. When I laid eyes on this dish on the menu I knew this would end up being a happy marriage. Goat cheese and honey are still going on strong. The floral note adds a nice sweetness with the tangy, creaminess of the goat cheese. This is not a light cheese dish in any shape or form so be ready for the crispy, smooth, sweet, deliciousness that is to come.

goat cheese

Bacon Wrapped Dates and Olives – 6 delectable treats came just in time for us to enjoy our first glass of red sangria. These are stuffed with almonds and provide a balance of sweet and savory. Salty, chewy, sweet, and crispy. It takes skill to get all those adjectives in one bite. I enjoyed the olives more than the dates only because it was my first time having them paired with bacon. I should have known….bacon anything is always good.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts – These are the best Brussels sprouts I have ever had. in life. hands down. There is absolutely no competition in sight.  This is one the most popular dishes at the restaurant so don’t skimp on these because you are afraid of green vegetables. They come with Fuji apples, creme fraiche, and pistachios. The apples added some bite and freshness to the dish. The pistachios enhance the crispiness. The creme fraiche provided a sour note that creates balance. This is the type of balance that makes you vow to never give the stank eye to Brussels sprouts again (for all the Brussels sprouts haters out there) or to place an order for 2 helpings next time you visit (for all the Brussels sprouts lovers out there). Here are the before and after shots. It is important that you mix thoroughly so that every bite is amazing.

brussels     brussels 2

This is Best Friend approved. Look how happy she is!


Which of the 3 dishes do you think you would enjoy the most? I think you can tell which one mine is!



2 thoughts on “the best tapas in nyc with my best friend

  1. Dates and olives are two of those things in life that I would probably never eat willingly. However, like most other things, if you wrap them in bacon, you have my heart. I also think moving forward you need to always refer to your Best Friend with proper noun usage for the duration of your writing career!

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