the first course

I am fortunate enough to have three of the most admirable, supportive, and dedicated women in my life: my mother, sister, and best friend. All 3 have been a constant sound board in some of the toughest decisions I have made as an adult, including this one: the decision to take the plunge and start documenting my culinary adventures. 

One has shown me how cooking is a common bond that brings generations together. Another has acted as my student in my unofficial culinary teaching career.  The last is my partner in crime and food-obsessed counterpart — she bakes the best cupcakes. Each of them has encouraged me to take my love of cooking and eating to the next level and share it with the masses. Thank you Sadhna, Angela, and Cynthia for these important lessons.

Though my recipe emails and food picture texts will surely be missed by my loved ones, I am very pleased to announce the debut of chit. chaat. chew. Much like chaat, the quick and easy roadside snack of India, chit. chaat. chew. will be a place where you can come to get quick and easy guidance on all things food by yours truly, a new resident of NYC aka THE capital of the world who adores simple, good eats. Together, we’ll tackle one delectable recipe and restaurant at a time.

Here’s to all the culinary adventures ahead! Cheers! (insert spoon clank sound here)



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